Rio de Janeiro in a Nutshell

As you probably could have gathered from the game's title, Rain in Rio will be set in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is a city filled with both delights and degradation, and glimmers at night with the light from a spectrum of colours.

Home to some 15 million people (though figures may vary), Rio de Janeiro - meaning 'January River' - is a beautiful place. It's only in Rio where a favela shantytown is walking distance from wealthy hotels that line one of the locale's many famous beaches. The sunlight bounces off Gunabara Bay - or Bala de Guanabara as it is known locally - and crashes into the central business district's many office blocks and other buildings.

Our rendition of Rio de Janeiro will be unique. While we won't be covering the whole city and not every suburb in the game will be covered, what we do promise is a mix of locations that when all added up make for something special. Obviously, it wouldn't be Rio de Janeiro without the rendition of a favela (which one? That's your guess!) or one of the many beaches. Niterói? Maybe. But Niterói isn't really part of Rio de Janeiro, is it?


Rain in Rio will feature a number of levels filled with crazy action pieces that will make full use of a location. For example, there's no purpose in creating a highly detailed location if a car chases going to take place in it. But then there is the middle ground between the two, like the beach.


Most tourists who visit Rio return speaking of the city's 'carnival atmosphere' and that the city is 'always ready to party, or seems like it's about to'. This is one emotion we have to capture in the game to convince players that the location is, in fact, Rio de Janeiro.