Sources for Art Direction Sources for Art Direction A View of Favela Rocinha An image of favela Rocinha, home to as many as 250,000 people. 69712739 Favela Rocinha #2 An important image, It shows what each home in the favela is made of - now consider this: 250,000 people live in homes like this. 69713333 Botafogo Railway Station Entrance The entrance to the subway station of Botafogo. 69713334 Cable Car, Cloud Cover The cable car that runs between ground level and the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, on a cludy and misty day. Looks like they'll be up for some rain in Rio. 69714103 It Might Be a Long Shot Away... A colourful favela is captured in this unique picture. 69714105 An Alley in a Favela 69716964 A Setting for the Game 69716965 Cable Car 69716966 Radio 69716967