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Welcome to the official website of Red Dingo Games! Red Dingo Games - or simply RDG for short - is an Australian game development firm that is currently working on Rain in Rio, a third-person action-packed adventure that takes you through the sprawling metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In Rain in Rio you will be running, shooting, climbing and leaping your way across some of video games' most detailed environments, all with a strong backstory to back it up
Learn how the city works, how the local cariocas act, and most of all - why up to 200,000 people struggle in a favela while just two kilometres away others live in luxury.
It will still expand further yet, and once enough money is raised, the proper domain name will be purchased outright - finally, we would be able to win the war against those pathetic pop-up advertisements and irritating banner ads.
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         Work With Us - We Are Currently Looking for a Developer

As the creators of Rain in Rio, we have set goals for ourselves. But to achieve these goals, we will need yet more help than we can provide to ourself as a group. Which is why we would love to find an established video games developer willing to help us take this project on. If you fit this role, send us an email! Would be greatly appreciated.

See the Jobs page for other info!

                  Need to contact us, for whatever reason?

If you feel a need to get into touch with us for any purpose, just go to the Contact Us page, where it's your choice to send us an email or use one of those form things we have up there. Portuguese language version of the site:

                                    So, what is our project, exactly?

Rio de Janeiro is home to about fifteen million people, some legal residents, some not. Some of these fifteen million people live in three-storey mansions, others in favelas that cling to hillsides. Often, however, the rich who live in such mansions and the poor who live in such favelas, live right next to each other.

Our project will come in three-dimensional format, hopefully (the Atari was phased out long ago); it will be set in the sprawling metropolis of Rio de Janeiro; quite a lot of concept art and official 'professional' written documents that can be found somewhere on the internet have been done for it; they are out there somewhere, see if you can find them! The concept art was done with some of those cheap ten-for-a-dollar lead pencils, whereas the documents were typed up on Word.
As for its title? The title is (drum roll) Rain in Rio. Be sure to check out the Rain in Rio page, as we'll put information and snippets of stuff there; there is already a bit of a text extract there, so have a look at that.

Well done to Rio de Janeiro for winning the right to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games!

It is a victory for Rio de Janeiro, a victory for Brazil, a victory for South America...congratulations, Rio.

The 2016 Summer Olympics are the third Olympic Games of any kind to be held in the southern hemisphere, and the first for South America. Rio beat a passionate and Obama-backed Chicago, an ambitiously green and efficient Tokyo and a ready-to-celebrate Madrid to become the third city in the southern hemisphere after Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000 to get the Olympics.

Once again, well done, Rio de Janeiro.


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