Red Dingo Games - First Official News Release

20 February, 2009 -- Red Dingo Games, Australia.

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● Our News Releases

The Red Dingo Games News Release are not given at any earlier-planned time. This Release, from February 20, 2009, is a official statement direct from Red Dingo Games regarding the financial, social and economic position of the firm of Red Dingo Games, and the current phases of development of Rain in Rio. The News Releases are official pieces of information from which references can be sourced, and official facts and other rumours referred to. Again, the information contained herein is all official and nowhere else can there be found other official fragments of fact concerning Red Dingo Games unless otherwise stated.

● Financial

At the present time prospects and benefits of developing Rain in Rio are being subject to heavy review by Red Dingo Games. Strategies and plans for the future are being prepared and developed, including the comprehensive Red Dingo Games Financial Plan, set to cover the actions and both probable and likely decisions of the firm for the next three years.

Currently, the financial situation of Red Dingo Games is bleak; as a still newly-formed business, little time has been available to raise funds for the expansion of the firm, and coupled with the global financial crisis it is unlikely that funding for the desired firm expansion can be secured. For this reason it will be necessary to commission a series of either commercial or non-commercial fundraisers designed to generate non-profit income for Red Dingo Games.

With a projected budget for Rain in Rio in excess of forty million dollars - none of which is currently available - it is likely that the pace of development of Rain in Rio will be slow until the conditions of the economy improve and money can be lent. Furthermore, funding for a trip to Rio de Janeiro to capture a forecast 30,000 + photographs and 400 hours + of footage (both video and sounds recordings), is required. If the in-the-works Red Dingo Games Financial Plan evaluates properly and works as desired with expected results, then any debts incurred can be repaid in full and the promised donations to charity as announced on February 2 can proceed.

A Financial page on this site will soon be constructed, and the contents of the Red Dingo Games Financial Plan will be placed there.

● Core Plans for Red Dingo Games

Red Dingo Games wishes to expand in size and influence but this can only become an achievement with the growth of employment within the firm. Factors that can contribute a negative response to this wish include a further drop in interest in employment in the Australian video games development industry, a lack of confidence in the final prospects of a completed Rain in Rio and the developmental procedures of the title. Furthermore, Red Dingo Games will soon look to field more talent in the video games development field to give the firm both more confidence and competence, and to begin a competitive edge with other video games developers in Australia.

●  'Going Public'

Red Dingo Games plans to 'go public', that is, become an internationally recognised business by law sometime in 2010, if possible and allowed so by funds. More on this will follow in the near future as more decisions are yet to be made.

●  Rain in Rio

Rain in Rio is currently in the first phase of development - the definition of this 'first stage' being an opinion of Red Dingo Games. This first stage is in fact one of work on concept art and the early planning, formation and construction of the plot, script and storyline. Following this stage will come character development, and proper work on the script.

Contact with residents of Rio de Janeiro is a necessity and will be followed up in the near future. Contact is necessary to obtain photographs of locations where it may be either not possible or negotiations or  permission may be required.

Rain in Rio is PlayStation 3 exclusive for given reasons, and not for preferential motives or such. The game is not supported by Sony in any way, and Red Dingo Games will continue to develop the title independently for as long as possible and for as long as funds and support will permit.

More details regarding the game will soon appear on the Rain in Rio page following an announcement of the updates on the News and Updates page.

●Other Announcements

A release date for Rain in Rio of 2012 is plausible, though unlikely. 2013 is more realistic, but no decision has been made regarding the release date.