This page is dedicated to general news and updates regarding the actual business of Red Dingo Games, and the low-down of Rain in Rio and what is happening with the project. This is THE one place to come for official information, so if curiosity gets the better of you, come here to check out what's on the horizon.

By the way, we will post items here related to Rio de Janeiro as well, and Brazil at large.

The first actual News Release - which details pretty much everything concerning the company - was posted on February 20 (see the News Releases page).

                       Friday 28 October - New Info Next Week!

Finally, some new information will come next week!

We will talk a bit about the plot , inspiration behind the game and storyline, characters, and the settings.

                                 Friday 2 September - Update!

We're sorry for not posting much news. But it's been a busy year personally for us and we've had an extended break from working on the story for Rain in Rio.

But that break is over. We're finalising the plot outline and will slowly build it, have it finished and then look for a developer. Got any questions? We'd love you to email us at

                 Thursday 2 February - Rain in Rio still in development

Rain in Rio is still in the works, although slowly. We're limited to developing the story and making basic concept art, and are unsure when we can move up to the next phase of development. It is our wish to do so as soon as possible, but there is no urgent rush as this will compromise the quality and depth of the game.

Sometime this month, once the storyline to the current chapter we are working on is complete, we will show off our rather unique planning process behind writing and storytelling, and even explain the plot of the chapter (minus spoilers, of course).

Our thoughts remain with those affected or taken tragically by the floods in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The recovery process will take a long time and everyone involved must help each other to rebuild and emerge stronger.

             Saturday October 2 - Street View Now Available For Brazil!

At last.

The wait is over.

Street View is now available on Google Maps and Google Earth in Rio de Janeiro!

Friday 17 September - Our New Facebook Page, New Logo and New Info!

We have created a Red Dingo Games page on Facebook as another means of you being able to stay connected to what's happening with Red Dingo Games. If you have a Facebook account/profile, click the 'Like' button now to keep up to date with the latest Rain in Rio details! 


This is our new logo, a much simpler, less busy and refreshing take than our previous Rockstar-esque one. Tell us if you think it's better... or worse.

 Now, for the best part: new info. Check the Rain in Rio page.

                    Thursday 16 September - More News on the Way!

We apologise for the delay in putting up some new info, but here's the announcement: more info tomorrow! (September 17.)

                    Saturday 24 July - First Concept Sketches uploaded

The sketch that made Rain in Rio happen has now been uploaded in a new two-image album on the Images and Pictures page. Make sure you click 'Full Size' down the bottom of the page; it is difficult to see the image unless maximised.

                    Tuesday 22 June -  New Rain in Rio details coming soon

By the end of this month we will put up a whole heap of new information on Rain in Rio, including some early concept artwork. Watch this space!

                        Thursday 3 June - Name change on the horizon

At the moment Red Dingo Games is considering a change to the final word of our name. Once we have made a final decision, you shall be the first to know.

                                         Monday 14 April - Forum Up!

Head on over now to the forum page (temporarily named 'Surprise!')! No need for membership, but if you would like to sign up, then just let us know!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Rio de Janeiro's recent mudslide disaster, caused by heavy rain. The mudslides took out a load of favela houses, and have caused the deaths of over 200 people.

More coming real soon.

               Monday 12 April - Rain in Rio Firefox Persona Available!

We've got a newsflash for you - you can now get a Rain in Rio Mozilla Firefox Persona!

Personas, which are like skins, are only available with the Firefox internet browser.

The Rain in Rio Persona can be picked up and worn  on your Firefox at our page here: right here. Get it now!

More news still on track for two days' time, stay tuned.

                   Friday 2 April - Approaching major announcement

On April 14 we will be making a major announcement in regards to this site. This announcement comes as we received about 50 visitors from all over Brazil in one day late last month.

Stay tuned, and for those who celebrate it...

 Happy Easter from Red Dingo Games!

              Saturday 6 March - ALL NEW Rain in Rio details released

Check out the Rain in Rio page for the latest details, featuring information on the setting (yes, more), gameplay and a little about what you can expect Rain in Rio to be all about. Oh, let's not forget that we have revealed the basis of the plot back story! Head on over and check things out.

Saturday 20 February - New Rain in Rio details coming this week, our question to you...

At last, a chance for us to say something to the outside world. We have something we would like to ask the visitors of this site, and would also like to ask the residents of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

For those who have been to Rio, we would like to ask:

  • Have you ever been to Rio de Janeiro?
  • Did you enjoy the trip? What was one memorable thing that happened? and lastly...
  • Do you have any pictures of your trip you would like to send us?
If you can answer any of the above - particularly the third question - you might be lucky enough to have your story and images published on our website. If this can be achieved, we would be able to create a feature page detailing people's stories for an insight into the setting of Rain in Rio.
Email us if you are interested here.
Then there is a question we would like to ask everyone:
Would you like to see a Forum feature on the site?
Email us your response!
The question we would like to ask the residents of Rio de Janeiro:
Get into touch with us, we have an opportunity for you.
Okay, so it isn't a question.
New Rain in Rio details.
Soon we will expand the Rain in Rio page. We will publish information on the plot, a little more about the setting, more images and will choose one single video that best captures the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro.
Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

        Saturday 13 February, 2010 - Site Updates

A new page - The Setting - has been added, a new album has been slotted into the Images page, and a major overhaul of this site is currently in planning.

Any questions, suggestions or comments? Email us at!

                        Wednesday 7 October - General Update

The news has been slow around here, hasn't it? Well, to put it simply, we've been busy, and don't like this site. We want something better - we want to build something bigger to get closer to you (as creepy as that may sound). Unfortunately, a site member's email address is attached to this website as the WebsID - reason for which we have been unable to find. Plus, it's a glitch even the masters up at Freewebs HQ have been unable to figure out, so we gave them the big fat 'Oh well'. As a result of this glitch, someone out there, also from Adelaide and with the first name Phil (whose email address happens to be the one just mentioned) - but NOT in any way connected to us - has taken an 'online beating', accused of being one of us. But that's not true.

Anyway, Rio de Janeiro has happily - very happily, indeed - won the right to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Our support was there the whole way, and we are pleased to have the Rio 2016 logo on the Home page.Well done to Rio for winning!

In other news, Rain in Rio is not dead - it's just been quiet around here. We;re currently planning for the future, as soon (23 October), Red Dingo Games will turn one year old. So, depending on how we feel, we might do something new on here on the day to celebrate.

Saturday 16 May - Glitch resolved (Mostly - warning: Still continuing)

Following a very bizarre technical glitch, which rendered some pages unmodifiable and a site member's email address to appear as the contact email for the site, we are back on track. The promised new details on Rain in Rio have been added down the bottom of the page, so have a look.

Wednesday 1 April - Rio Announcement

Everything is starting to pick up pace now. More people are on their way in - we've had tons of enquires lately, all positive, as a matter of fact. There is, as promised, a news article regarding Rio de Janeiro, word of another website update and another neat little addition.

First up, there has been a bit of progress for Rio de Janeiro itself. The government is, in the interests of preserving whatever rainforest exists around Rio, constructing walls around the favelas that cling to the city's hillsides.

> Rio to fence off favelas

'Authorities' in Rio de Janeiro are about to construct tall three-and-a-half metre high (ten feet) walls to fence of the slums. hey say that this move is a bid to help save some rainforest, and that could very well be right and true. Other authorities - 'city officials'  - say that the move will stop the favelas from expanding into the forest that is already at high risk around the outskirts and far reaches of Rio de Janeiro.

These walls are expected to close in around forty favelas by the end of the year at a cost of seventeen million Brazil bucks. Rio's president of the public works department, Icaro Moreno, paid a visit to the Dona Marta area the other day. He pointed to the forest on the other side of the wall.

'We're simply asking residents to continue to build within the limits we have established,' he said. 'We have already seen a lot of environmental damage and, quite frankly, many of these homes have been built in high-risk flood areas, so it will benefit the residents as well.'

However, in Rio, those who criticise the move say that the construction of the walls will only highlight the difference between wealthy and poor. Others, including human rights groups, go on to suggest that the wealthier residents of Rio do not want to be reminded of their neighbours' less privileged conditions.

Still though, authorities persist that they will make conditions better inside the walls, but at the same time wildlife outside them can be protected.

Friday 6 March - Funding 'more than likely'

It's been a quiet week around these parts. Not an awful lot has actually happened, but the story for Rain in Rio is coming along very nicely. We are aware that there are a few naysayers out there who evidently don't like progress and reckon that Rain in Rio and the general idea of making the game will never bear fruit. Interestingly, these people have only one real reason in their argument: we have no money. It's true that now we do not, but after some high-level discussions with likely investors (who will be able to invest in the business next year sometime) and other 'money-rich institutions' (that is, a bank), the funding to set up Red Dingo Games as an established business entity and produce Rain in Rio is now 'more than likely'.

Although there is a very clear difference between 'definitely' and 'likely', likely is about a hundred and ten percent better than 'uncertainly'.

This funding includes the whole predicted budget of around - hold your breath - forty million Australian dollars (25,657,800 American Dollars, or 18,194,440 Pounds).

While we are at it, we may as well mention that some new details on Rain in Rio will be revealed soon.

Friday 20 February - First RDG News Release, New Site Page

The very first official Red Dingo Games News Release has been posted on the site on a new page, News Releases.

The News Release is an official outsource of information intended for use in references in articles on other gaming websites, in gaming magazines and other locations, as an official source to crush rumours and speculation about Red Dingo Games and Rain in Rio.

There is a multitude of important decisions and announcements made regarding Rain in Rio, and if you're following this game - quite a few are, it seems - then make sure you have a good read.

Monday 9 February - Plane crash in Brazil kills 24

A plane crash in the River Manacapuru, Brazil near the Amazon city of Manaus - in the state of Amazonas, actually - has killed twenty four people.

Only four people have survived, and early dive searches found six bodies. The survivors managed to luckily escape alive by swimming to safety after the plane crashed into the river.

Sadly, the four who escaped the crash with their lives were the only ones who managed to do so. A clean-up of the site is under way, presumably, and an investigation into the crash will be conducted.

Thursday 5 February - Why we need to support Rio

Violence in the favela of Santa Marta (in Rio, of course) has broken out between police and drug gang Red Command, says an article by the BBC. Here is the full article.

Brazil's battle for shanty town residents

By Gary Duffy
BBC News, Rio de Janeiro

There was a carnival-style welcome for Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva when he visited the favela, or shanty town, of Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro.

The president had come to see at first hand a community struggling to turn itself round.A major part of that process is a new approach by the state to policing - a process that began late last year.After an initial violent confrontation with the Red Command - a drug gang that once controlled this district - police have, for the moment at least, established a full-time presence. Normally, they leave the area, with the traffickers still in control.

Speaking exclusively to the BBC, President Lula said the state was making up for a time when it had abandoned its poorest citizens.

President Lula: 'The police are becoming a community force' 'We are working in a way that the state is present in the day-to-day life of poor people,' he said. 'In the past it was only the police intervening with lots of brutality which punished the guilty and the innocent - very often only the innocent. Now we have police there, who are becoming a community police force.' He also pointed to the importance of combining this with social improvements. 'We have the biggest investment programme of shanty town urbanisation, basic sanitation and house building that Brazil has ever had. When we created our growth acceleration programme in 2007, we invested more than 100bn reais (£30bn) to take care of basic sanitation and build houses.'


On a scorching day in Santa Marta, local children do what they can to cool down in the summer heat. An electric cable car takes residents up the steep hill that is home to more than 10,000 people. Last year, confrontations between the police and the Red Command in this area led to several deaths. But with the traffickers gone and police maintaining a 24-hour presence, local commanders believe they can now win over hearts and minds.

'Already after a little time you can feel the difference, the community is more open to the military police,' said Rodrigo Francisco de Andrada, a commander with the force. 'The police can manage to have a dialogue, to interact more with the community.'

'Staying alive'

But as they move among the warren of streets that make up this shanty town, the armed officers still appear an intimidating presence. Many locals seem reluctant to criticise the drug dealers, fearing the police will only stay for a short time. They are also wary of this new security presence.

'For some people it is bad - but for me it doesn't make much difference whether the police are here or not,' said one woman. 'Because I don't get mixed up in anything and they don't bother me.'

Alongside the police presence, millions of dollars are being spent to improve Santa Marta. Houses that were in danger of collapse have been replaced with brightly painted new ones, and there is also a new football pitch, in a country where the game is a passion.

But the majority of people here still live in terrible conditions, which means life is never easy no matter who is in control.

'The people here have to adapt, we have to get by, we have to survive,' says community leader Jose Mario dos Santos. 'The rich want peace in order to stay wealthy. We want peace to stay alive. It is simply this.'

'Strategy change'

The calm in Santa Marta is a contrast with the image more often associated with police action in Rio's shanty towns. Human-rights groups say security operations often lead to the deaths of innocent people. Police in Rio killed more than 1,300 people in 2007 alone. While a new approach to policing is being adopted in two of Rio's favelas, the authorities still defend the old strategy as well.

'We don't go into these places to kill people or to cause harm to people,' said Jose Mariano Beltrame, Rio's State Secretary for Security.

'We go into these places after our intelligence confirms information about stores of ammunition, drugs and weapons.'

In one Rio slum on Wednesday, a police operation against drug traffickers resulted in at least nine deaths.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer - Rio's most famous landmark - looks out over the shanty town of Santa Marta. It is a relatively compact area that is easier to police than other favelas in the city, a fact which raises questions about how widely this experiment in policing could be tried elsewhere.

However, analysts say the project could indicate a wider shift in policy.

'The government has not accepted publicly that they have changed their strategy,' said Ignacio Cano of Rio State University.

'But on the other hand, we see that the number of killings by police is diminishing over the last few months. So I think there has been some kind of a change in the strategy. I think the long-term value is that - if it is successful - it will prove to many people that it is possible to diminish violence with those kind of permanent policing projects and with social projects.

'We have to understand that traditionally what the police do in Rio de Janeiro, is invade - and they use that word, invade the slums and they kill a few people and then they withdraw. So these people who are killed are then substituted by new other people in the drug gangs and the same situation arises again,' Mr Cano said.

President Lula's message to the people in Santa Marta was the state is here to stay, but after years of bitter experience it would take time to reassure this community.

The project to improve the lives and the safety of the people who live in Santa Marta has now had a visible expression of presidential support.

But it is also clear that what was possible to achieve in one shanty town will be much harder to repeat in the hundreds of favelas spread out across Brazil's most famous city.

 Source: 'Favela battle' - BBC, accessed February 5 2009.

Tuesday 3 February - Image gallery updated

The Image page has been updated, with the addition of five images. More will follow real soon, of course, so make sure you check back soon. The five images make up part of a new album - called, appropriately enough, 'Photoshopping Rio'. There are still a good ten photos to go - not to mention the number of different version of each we plan to upload - before the next album is launched. The planned albums are as follows:

  • Photoshopping Rio
  • Visual Styles and Exploration
  • Concept Art I: Rio, Rio, Rio
  • Concept Art II: Every man's an everyman - inspiration for the lead
Mind you, the names of these albums are tentative at this stage, but they will go ahead, so stay tuned.

Monday 2 February - Percentage of profits to go towards the underprivileged in Rio

This is still an unofficial decision as of yet, but we would like the world to recognise us, and how we are not going to take the look and feel of what is truly a great city, and use this look and feel and then not give anything back. So doing this will be our way of giving a huge thank you.

We will donate the percentage of profits to a charity that either has a base in Rio de Janeiro, works in the city or we will fly the money over there ourselves if it has to come to that.

Here are some of our options when it comes to charities in Rio de Janeiro - but don't forget, you can always help too:

Developing Minds Foundation - Help out with the City of God and Rocinha favelas, and so much more:

Developing Minds Foundation

Developing Minds Foundation
934 Michigan Avenue Suite 304

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Para Ti -  a project which helps the children of Favela Vila Canoas.

Para Ti

Email Para Ti

The Rocinha Favela Tourism Workshop - run by Rejane Reis.

The Favela Tourism Workshop Webpage

Friday 30 January - Word on PlayStation 3 console exclusivity

If you had a look on the Home page, you would have noticed, near the bottom in the bullet point list, 'Requires some very significant and major corporate deals and negotiations'. Well, these deals are huge, and will either cost us a fortune, or, alternatively, the people who we want to cut a deal with regarding publishing rights to Rain in Rio. We are not so sure who these people will be, but for now, let's just say Sony are these people. In fact, we will go even further to say that these deals have already begun and we will soon formally begin talks with Sony regarding publishing and stuff like that.


So if you're not a PlayStation 3 owner, don't fret - nothing is final yet (hey, that rhymes!).


The secondary truth is also that we have yet to make a firm commitment towards a decision on Rain in Rio regarding exclusivity, and who should publish the title once it is complete.


However, a decision was revealed (with an explanation) in the first News Release, on February 20.

Wednesday January 14, 2009 - official announcement

Red Dingo Games is pleased to announce Rain in Rio, its upcoming in-development project. Rain in Rio is an action-adventure title with no slated release date.


Rain in Rio is an action-adventure game set in its namesake – the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is the second-largest city in the southern hemisphere, and is notorious for its crime, but also for its beauty and grace.


Visit the Rain in Rio page for the latest details.


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